Final Zombie


Health: 2 HP Levels 1-N/A

The zombie or "Reactivated Organics Unit, Type 1" is a melee enemy found on the first though final levels.

Beastiary Text

Reactivated Organics Unit, Type 1


Armor: NONE The Militech corporation supplied nonhuman combatants to many clients. One day, they needed an economy soldier. One that would be effective but cost almost nothing to make. Soon, they started shipping us dead bodies. From all over the world. All we needed to do was install microchips into their brains and inject some cheap chemicals to prevent them from rotting. They all smelled of terpentine, I can never forget that smell. We were officially forbidden to call them zombies. The correct term was "Reactivated Organics"

Zombie Sheet

Zombie Sprite Sheet

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