Experimental ranged electrocution device.

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The teslacoil uses batteries as its ammo, sharing them with lasgun. Its attack has a decent range; and arcs to the enemy closest to your cursor, making it unlikely to miss. However, it can run out of ammo very quickly. 

It is effective both against big individuals, as it slows them down, and large swarms, since it kills zombies and small mutants in two hits and almost never misses.


Requires: Taser + Tube + MChip

Info: Cheap to craft, as none of its constituent items are especially rare, the Teslacoil does chew through ammo faster than other battery-powered devices. It can be advisable to hold off the upgrade if you don't have a large supply of batteries.


  • The Teslacoil MIGHT be a reference to the Thunderbolt from the Classic FPS by ID Software Quake. Considering both are guns that unleash a continuous stream of electricity, and have the overall same color. And, barrel-wise overall same shape of the weapon.