Emergency teleporter. Teleports you to the most recent checkpoint (the level start, or boss room) just before death, repairing some damage in the process.


The Teleporter is Teleglitch's way of providing the player with an extra life.  It is a Utility Item, meaning its effects are passively gained by carrying it in the player's inventory. Upon resurrection the player will respawn with 50 hit-points, either at the beginning of the level; if the player died during a boss battle, the Teleporter will resurrect them in an anteroom to the boss encounter.


Requires: Detector + MChip + Medkit50
Alternatively: MChip x 2 + Medkit50
Alternatively: MChip x 2 + Medkit25 x 2
Info: Although it costs a Medkit50 (or the equivalent) to craft, the teleporter is a great boon to the average play-through - and do remember the health is retrieved after resurrection. They don't stack in the inventory, so if you plan on carrying two or three be ready to sacrifice some pickups.