Modern shotgun. Fully automatic.


The shotgun is especially effective in close quarters, as you would expect. At longer range it is all but useless for everything except covering fire against foes with ranged weapons. It can take out most smaller enemies in one or two hits, depending on its range. It carries ten rounds to a magazine, and can be upgraded to the Shotgun X2


Shotgun 2XEdit

Requires: Shotgun x 2 + Hardware
Info: This upgrade doubles the refire rate of the standard shotgun, increasing ammo consumption. The Shotgun X2 is blisteringly effective against hordes, particularly in corridors where the horde can be corralled into a tidy lump before disintegration.

6T RevolverEdit

Requires: Revolver + Shotgun
Info: A revolver which discharges all 6 chambers at once. Packs a terrific punch, and has much better range than the Shotgun.