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An improvised Nailgun only effective at close range. Can be upgraded to add more barrels, firing all barrels simultaneously.


The Nailgun has a 40-round magazine capacity (regardless of the number of barrels it has), and is fired in semi-automatic. Its effectiveness is dramatically reduced at range, and is only useful for covering fire at anything further than spitting distance. The weapon can be upgraded, increasing the number of nails fired at once - the increase depending on which version of the game you have.

In the Die More Edition, the TriNailgun no longer exists. Instead, barrels are added one at a time by combining the Nailgun with a Tube.



Requires: 9MM Pistol + Tube + Hardware

Nailgun+1 (Die More Edition only)Edit

Requires: Nailgun + Tube
Info: Adds another barrel onto your Nailgun. Effectiveness increases each time, as does ammo consumption.


Requires: Nailgun + Large Tube = TriNailgun
Info: This weapon was replaced by the above +1 system in the Die More Edition, and is only available in the standard version of the game.


Requires: Nailbox + RDX-250
Info: This produces 50 Nailammo - 10 more than the Nailgun can hold.