Level 1: Outdoor Training GroundEdit

Areas on this level include:

Organics Garden Type 2104-A / BEdit

Grass area, may contain secret rooms.

Garden Hub (Under Construction)Edit

Grass area, may contain secret rooms.

Canned Food StorageEdit

Contains a random number of cans, usually with a zombie protecting them.

Close Combat Training Yard No-12Edit

Grass area, may contain secret rooms and / or an adjoining room. Often connects to the Facility Teleport Station.

Training Yard No-25Edit

Grass area, may contain secret rooms. The secret room here may contain a plate.

Facility Teleportation StationEdit

The first exit teleporter is located here.

Level 2: Military Biology SectorEdit

Areas on this level include:

Poison Garden Area (Under Construction)Edit

Player begins in a room adjoining here.

Manual Gate Control RoomEdit

The switch for the blast doors is located here. Check the room for items and storage boxes before pulling the switch, as this will trigger an ambush.

Cloning Vats Support Area M34Edit

Characterised by the predominant arcing wall. Sometimes this contains a secret room. This area often connects to the main hallway via a large open section. This may also contain secrets, check around the outer walls and in the center.

Local Systems Engine RoomEdit

May contain a storage box.

Collapsed HallwayEdit

Occasionally houses a secret and / or a storage box.

Facility Level Main HallwayEdit

Watch out for copious amounts of the black chaos here. Useful for luring large amounts of enemies. There is often a tremendously large open grass area at either end of this hallway, and they are often well-populated.

Level 3: Facility Support SystemsEdit

There is sometimes a second teleporter on this level which warps you to level 5. You must pass some heavy monster battles to reach it. Panzerfausts are recommended.

Areas on this level include:

Teleportation Arrival StationEdit

Player begins here.

Engine Control RoomEdit

Necrotic Tissue Fermentation AreaEdit

Slim corridors and enemies with long distance vision. Do not wait anywhere near the tissue "floor", zombies will appear. There are multiple "areas" like this marked on the map.

External Engine Control RoomEdit

Usually a cramped hidden area off the Fermentation Area, always houses swarms.

Manual Gate Control RoomEdit

The switch for the blast doors is located here. 

Combatants Assembly AreaEdit

Main GatewayEdit

Materials Packing ComplexEdit

Security IntersectionEdit

Combatants Resting Area (Collapsed)Edit

Connected to an open area occasionally housing swarm tunnels. The collapsed room may spawn storage boxes.

May contain secrets behind the rubble.

Teleportation Station To Necrotic Tissue Research CenterEdit

Exit teleporter is located here.

Level 4: Necrotic Tissue ResearchEdit

Areas on this level include:

Backup TeleporterEdit

Player begins here.

Recreational garden No-147Edit

Outdoor area. Expect some enemies.

Necrotic tissue unpacking courtyardEdit

Large outdoor area. Lots of enemies. May house swarms.

Life support controlEdit

Indoor area. May contain a small number of enemies.

Cooling Systems IntersectionEdit

Small, tight area. Expect some loot and/or some enemies.

Swarm Movement Training CourtyardEdit

Large outdoor area. Expect many enemies.

Main Necrotic Tissue Testing ComplexEdit

Open area, may contain a secret and/or a storage box.

Personal Research Cabinet MTR-AEdit

Level 5: Necrotic Tissue EngineeringEdit

Once you reach this level, you can begin again from level 3. There are 5 secrets?

Areas on this level include:

Employee Arrival AreaEdit

Player begins here.

Nutrients Processing Intersection No-1Edit

Reactivation Liquid Processing PlantEdit

Necrotic Tissue Cutting Area (unfurnished)Edit

Expect shotgunners here.

Main Heavy Testing BayEdit

Expect large beasts and many zombie swarms here. The layout of this particular room is usually square with a central area you will fight the beasts in, and surrounding rooms with many pipes that expel swarms. These swarms are usually disabled once the beasts are destroyed.

Stabilization Chemicals Pressure Room

Reactivation Enrichment ReactorEdit

Often acts as a 3-way intersection.

Necrotic Resources Loading Area (abandoned)Edit

Usually a large grass area, sometimes containing secrets.

Chemical Treatment Testing ComplexEdit

Blood Treatment & Enhancement ComplexEdit

Brain Liquid Cloning UnitEdit

Tissue Debiotization UnitsEdit

Level 6: Advanced Combatants TestingEdit

Has at least 2 secrets. The lasgun sometimes drops here. Areas on this level include:

Arrival and Administration AreaEdit

Player begins here. Occasionally has a storage box.

Recreational Starwatch GardenEdit

Open grass area, sometimes has a secret.

Target Units Storage AreaEdit

Usually has tunnels behind staggered walls, sometimes with tunnels and swarms.

Advanced Parts WarehouseEdit

Screaming Minigun Robot Snake boss (with nightmare sauce) can be found here. Explosives, lasgun and/or rifles highly recommended.

Main Hallway (Secure Area)Edit

Advanced Chemicals Processing ComplexEdit

Occasionally has a secret room.

Level 7: Robotic Hardware ResearchEdit

Once you reach this level, you can begin again from level 5.

Areas on this level include:

Employee Arrival (Secure)Edit

Player begins here. Occasionally has a storage box.

Backup Fusion ReactorsEdit

Occasionally contains swarm tunnels.

Fusion Fuel StorageEdit

May house turrets.

Intersection A-4Edit

Mass Transport Area To Military SoftwareEdit

Contains two teleporters, they both go to the same destination?

Main Outdoor Training Area For RobotsEdit

Often a large grass area, may have secret rooms.

Main Fusion ReactorsEdit

A large area with many rooms. Expect heavier enemy types. May have secret rooms, turrets, and swarm tunnels. May connect to the exit teleporter.

Level 8: Military Software SectorEdit

As much armor, health packs, and rifle/laser-based weaponry as possible is recommended at this stage of the game. This level contains the following areas:

Secure Arrival AreaEdit

Player begins here.

Data Field BEdit

This is a grid-based area full of servers blocking your view. There is almost always swarm tunnels present here, be sure to have a detector. Shotgunners and minigunners are common here too, sometimes present in a square central area that occasionally houses a storage box.

Manual Control Switch THX-14Edit

A button in this room will open the blast doors in Gateway B. It is often guarded by shotgunners, occasionally with a swarm tunnel.

Heavy Security Gateway BEdit

The blast doors are here, often protected by a turret and/or a turret swarm. After this you will reach a Blue Walker boss room.

Central Data Processing ComplexEdit

Circular areas of computer banks. Expect shotgunners and 9mm mobs. May contain secrets, on one occasion the secret found was empty.

Advanced Data Hub (Under Construction)Edit

Software Security Room 102 (Under Construction)Edit

Teleport To Advanced WeaponsEdit

Exit teleporter is located here.

Level 8b: Central reactor cooling sector Edit

(Under construction)

Level 9: Advanced Weapons ResearchEdit

Once you reach this level, you can begin again from level 7. MG-HV, cannon and lasers are strongly recommended at this point. And copious armor.

Contains the following areas:

Backup Arrival AreaEdit

Player begins here. May contain items and storage boxes.

Secure Hallway CEdit

Expect turrets, shotgunners, heavies and squids. May contain secret rooms and/or a tunnel swarm. Minigun can be found here.

Weapons Factory ControlEdit

Main Metallurgy FoundryEdit

Large circular machines disguise shotgunners and heavy enemies. This ususally preceeds the exit teleport.

Advanced Weapons Testing ComplexEdit

A large outdoor area.

Security Shutter Override StationEdit

Contains a button to open the blast doors on this level.

Weapons Workshop B-14 (Under Construction)Edit

A slightly "curved", messy area with irregular walls and plenty of places for enemies to hide. There may be swarms and at least one squid.

Main Gateway To Secure Sector DEdit

Blast doors to this area must be opened elsewhere.

Level 10: Teleportation ResearchEdit

The final level. Areas contained within it include:

Welcome To Militech Teleportation Research & TestingEdit

Player begins here. Tesla bots may spawn in this room.

Main Corridor T-1 (Secure)Edit

Turrets, squids, beasts and black chaos are present here.

Main Corridor T-2 (Secure)Edit

Turrets, squids, beasts and black chaos are present here.

Heavy Security ZoneEdit

Turrets, squids, shotgunners and beasts spawn here.

Energy Control CenterEdit

Control Station B-1Edit

Storage box with health sometimes found here.

Teleporter Phasing SubstationEdit

Personal Work Area Y-01Edit

Usually houses a squid. May have a storage box.

Core BossEdit

Not "officially" entitled this, and not marked on the map. Once entered, the door shuts behind you.

Nevertheless this will be the final obstacle between you and the teleport to safety. Be sure to have heavy weaponry, lots of health and armor. Throw lots of explosives, and use the minigun or lasgunmod.

Once destroyed, both doors will unlock and you can proceed to the exit teleporter. Press the button nearby to activate it, and walk in.