The Die More Edition, is an enhanced edition of Teleglitch, the game has been overhauled, adding more levels, weapons, enemies and lore. It was released on July 23rd 2013 on Steam.

Owners of the Desura version will get the "Die More Edition" for free.

New FeaturesEdit

The Teleglitch: Die More Edition features the following:

  • Random starting gear (can be turned off) The player will be able to start the game with a variety of different items, including a double barreled shotgun, a sporting rifle, Improved Knife and more. (Edit: Improved knife was changed for powerlegs, which lets the player run faster) ONLY WITH PRE-ORDER.
  • Branching levels The game can split up into different sections of the Medusa 1-C facility. Players will now sometimes, have the option of going through two different teleporters.
  • More Weapons There are more weapons available to the players arsenal, giving the player a greater freedom to in armament.
  • New locations Old levels have been reworked to incorporate new locations, making them bigger and more confusing than ever!
  • New and improved AI Enemies will have distinct and more aggressive attack patterns, they will attack the player from further away, and are slightly tougher than before. Also several enemies have changed their attack patterns
  • Steam Achievements The game features a set of Achievements for the player to unlock.
  • Improved Graphics small enhancements have been made to the game to make it look even more sharp than ever before. HD-PIXELS at its finest!
  • More Lore Tons of computer terminals with several new entries, making the already rich lore even richer!
  • Enemy Patrols There are now enemy patrols, which walk around the level. These can surprise the player at the worst possible times.