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Canned Meat is a healing item that restores 10 HP, and places an Empty Tin Can in your inventory when consumed.


Unlike Medkits, Cannedmeat can increase your health above 100, up to a maximum of 150. If your health is less than 140, it's always worth consuming it as soon as you find it - if not to get the health then to retrieve the Empty Tin Can, which has a wide variety of uses for crafting.



Requires: Canned Meat + MChip + RDX-500
Info: The Meattrap will use your delicious Canned Meat to lure nearby biological enemies into an explosive trap. It is not 100% successful as some critters will seem to ignore it - but is easier and slightly safer to deploy than raw RDX or nailbombs, having a longer delay before detonation.

Lore (Level 1): Note to self by Chemistry sector scientist #84: --meattrap

"I have received a report that some guerilla human armies have used Militech Canned meat in combination with improvised explosives to lure our products into deadly traps. I request an assistant to investigate this problem in our product and if needed, change the contents of the canned food or install new software to reactivated soldiers."  

Related AchievementsEdit

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Steroid Monster - Has had 150 hit points.